It's Time


Due to differences in artistic development and creative intent, I would like to formally announce that Mr. Sofalumpkins is no longer a part of the Geniuskills record label and all projects associated with Geniuskills as of April 2011.

Though the decision was not an easy one, I firmly believe that preserving the integrity of my work, which consists of over two decades worth of music production, was and will always be of greater personal significance than any creative investment in a project that does not represent an authentic commitment to an artistic vision, solid work ethic and high level of production standards.

All music production under my authorship during my time with Geniuskills remains the intellectual property of Marc Royal.

In appreciation of all the great support I received as an artist during my time with Geniuskills, I'll be uploading a selection of completed, full-length Mr. Sofalumpkins tracks as complimentary high-quality MP3 downloads via the Sofalumpkins SoundCloud account within the course of a year.  All new uploads will be announced on the Mr. Sofalumpkins Musician/Band page on Facebook and all future Sofalumpkins releases will be available as time permits.

Although I have mixed and mastered the track titled, "Same Thang", this particular release is the intellectual property of MC Emotionz (Dave Nelson).  As such, it will not be available for download.

In addition, the four tracks titled "Free from Sin", "Smith and Wesson", "Stonecold Party" and "The Nebulizer" that I have produced, mixed and mastered will remain the intellectual property of the Geniuskills label.

On a more positive note, I have since moved onto new and exciting projects, including a collaborative partnership with Dennis "D-Rakkas" Shaw.  I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with him on all future South Rakkas projects and look forward to sharing this creative venture with all of you.

I have also designated my new record label, Adastra Recordings, as the home of all future TPower releases.

All other up and coming projects of which I am a part of will be announced within this year.

- Marc Royal