October Spotlight

spot·light   noun \ˈspät-ˌlīt\  : a projected spot of light used to illuminate brilliantly a person, object, or group on a stage


  • Well, it looks like October is going to a South Rakkas month, folks!  D-Rakkas and T.Power are currently working on an EP with RDX, who are touted as Jamaica's most creative dancehall duo.  If you'd like a taste of RDX's style, check out some of their riddims on YouTube.  "Dancers Anthem" is but one of their many tracks that showcases their gritty, yet dynamic dancehall vocals style.
  • 3 RDX tracks are currently on the go, as well as a T.Power Remix for one their tracks.
  • The feedback: "Go Hard or Go Home", which is the first track that T.Power was involved in, is tearing up the airwaves in Jamaica!
  • Sit tight: All other Drum and Bass projects, such as the Remix for Archie Cooper's "Mercy" and T.Power's "Mr. Royal" track will fired up again shortly.